Retirement Planning For A Stable & Carefree Later Years

Plan early to continue living the life you want after you stop working and retire worry free

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Why Do We Need A Retirement Plan?

When we stop working, our income stops but not our expenses. All Singaporeans would have CPF Life monthly payouts but most only get between $300-$900. Is that enough?

That's why many other financially savvy Singaporeans would either have investments or a guaranteed income retirement plan to ensure they can still continue living the life they want after they stop working.

Features & Benefits At A Glance

Guaranteed return higher than the total amount of premium paid

Guaranteed acceptance of application without loading or other conditions

Guaranteed income for the entire payout period regardless of the economic conditions

Choose your premium and payout term according to your unique needs and situation

Choose to withdraw one lump sum, partial withdrawal, or hold to accumulate more returns

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